Effective Philanthropy 101

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This is a practical step-by-step online learning course designed to help you anchor your philanthropy and other funding for social impact on what most deeply concerns you and be effective in your funding.

We designed this course to help you keep it simple. You can work through the whole thing beginning to end, or just go to a section that addresses your current needs and questions.

We hope that you will come away from the course with clarity about your own values, vision, and funding practices, which you can then share with your family, grantees, beneficiaries, clients, and colleagues.

Many advisory conversations about philanthropy begin with a nod to the big picture, and then immediately do a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of giving vehicles or tax advantages. But if you want to build out a strategic, impactful practice you need to start with clarity on what you care about most deeply and only then choose your vehicles and specific organizations to support.

While much of the course focuses on philanthropy, we suggest that you treat all your funding designed to make the world a better place as components of an impact portfolio. In addition to giving to public charities, your impact portfolio may include supporting policy change or political candidates as well as impact investing to achieve social goals.

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